Research areas


Our research centers on evaluating economic forecasts, from both theoretical and applied perspectives. Research topics include

  • Probabilistic forecasting
  • Theory and methods for forecast evaluation
  • Macroeconomic survey expectations



Author/s Title Journal Links
Krüger, F., Plett, H. Prediction Intervals for Economic Fixed-Event Forecasts Annals of Applied Statistics, forthcoming. [preprint]
Krüger, F., Pavlova, L. Quantifying Subjective Uncertainty in Survey Expectations International Journal of Forecasting 40, 796-810, 2024


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[preprint][supplement and replication]
Krüger, F., Lerch, S., Thorarinsdottir, T.L., Gneiting, T. Predictive Inference based on Markov Chain Monte Carlo Output International Statistical Review 89, 274-301, 2021 [paper]
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[R package]
Ehm, W., Krüger, F. Forecast Dominance Testing via Sign Randomization Electronic Journal of Statistics 12, 3758-3793, 2018 [paper]
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[R package]


Working Papers

Author/s (Year) Title Links
Knüppel, M., Krüger, F., Pohle, M.-O. (2022) Score-based Calibration Testing for Multivariate Forecast Distributions [preprint]